You can quickly cut all uploaded videos in video Feed & Files sections:

  1. To edit a video click on the 'Scissors' button  on the right.
  2. Select the fragment you need using sliders under the video.
  3. Press the 'Publish' button.


It is convenient:

  1. You can move sliders with arrow keys for a more precise cut. Click on the left / right slider and press ← or  on your keyboard. The slider will move 1 frame back or forward. To move the slider 10 frames back / forward, use the keyboard shortcut Shift +  or Shift + →.

It is also convenient:

Besides arrow keys and mouse you can also move sliders by editing start / end time in Viqeo editor by choosing the correspondent field (First field - minutes, second field - seconds, third field - frames). You can also use arrow keys  and  to increase the selected value by +1 or –1.

By the way

When you need a fragment to start exactly where the previous one has ended, select the left slider and move it to the right. When the selected slider appears to the right, it becomes the right slider. This will save you some time (smile) 

When everything is ready

Once everything is done, press the "Code" button above the video, copy the code and paste it in your text editor where you want the video to appear.