Camera recording or screencast limit depends on the format of your content. Recordings for Videos/Stories for websites and Google Web stories should not exceed 60 min. Recordings for Social media formats should not exceed 60 sec.

Create a powerful message with a quick how-to video. Using Viqeo, you can create screen or camera recordings without any additional software.

Prepare for recording

  1. Choose one of the content templates and go to Add > Media > Camera recording.
  2. Choose a type of recording that you want to create: screen or camera.
  3. When prompted by your browser, select Allow Viqeo to use your camera and microphone.
  4. Set up your camera and microphone. If you're using a USB camera or microphone, make sure it's plugged in and select it from the menu.

Make a screen recording or use your camera

  1. Press the orange record button to start recording.
  2. Wait until the countdown for the recording to begin. Once the recording starts you can switch to the application or window you wish to record.
  3. When you finished the recording press the button again and choose “Add to slide” or “Re-record”.

Preview and publish 

  1. After pressing "Add to slide" and processing completion, you can either save or trim the recording.

  2. If you want to trim the video press “Trim video” in the Media settings section.

  3. Once finished editing, click Publish. Your content is now ready!


To record your screen, we suggest using the latest version of your browser. Minor errors might occur while using Internet Explorer or older browser versions.