Viqeo editor helps to generate visuals in seconds with pre-made templates and simple interface. Watch this short video, illustrating key editor features.


What do you want to create today?

Viqeo is a multifunctional platform that allows you to work not only with videos, but with almost any type of visual content:

Content typeDescriptionWhat you get
Upload videoSimple upload, cut and editEmbed code for website
Video for websitesCreate video from different slides

Embed code with player

Stories for websites and applicationsCreate a story slide by slide with images, graphics, video & interactive elementsEmbed code with player

Videos for Social media

Create video from different slides with images, graphics, video Mp4 video file

Google Web Stories

Create a story slide by slide with graphics, video & interactive elements

AMP-HTML code or URL with Web Story for Google

Ads and Brand Lift surveys

Create ad creatives or Brand lift surveys to use within an Ad campaignHTML-file, VAST-file, embed code