With flexible preset settings you can create customized styles for your content or simply choose between 3 default Viqeo presets. There are two ways to choose or change a preset for your content:

  1. Sidebar menu
  2. Viqeo editor

Content styles settings in sidebar

If you go to Settings > Content styles you will see 3 pre-set content style templates – Classic, News and Digest. Here's a sneak peek of how they look like.

Each style template can be customized and previewed. In the Settings of each template you will find following settings:

  • Animation style 
  • Text settings – font, text color
  • Style of elements & background

You can also create your own style template from scratch by clicking Add style.

Content styles settings in editor

To change content style in the editor access the editor by choosing content format in your Feed.

  1. Go to drop down menu in the top right corner of your scree and choose General settings
  2. In the Selected preset section you will see the drop down list of all available style templates, including those that you’ve created
  3. In the Show extra settings section you can customise any style component – animation, text or elements
  4. If you change templates in the editor, changed templates will apply to all of your future content.