What are Styles and templates?

Viqeo is a template-based video platform. This means that almost all interface and style elements are included in templates — pre-configured options that save you a lot of time. 

You can select one of the available presets or create a new one (this is called Style or Template).

Viqeo has 3 pre-installed presets, Default preset is applied to all newly uploaded videos. In addition, you can create an unlimited amount of your own templates or styles.

TypeMain functionDescriptionLink
Player TemplatesSets player's look and behaviour

Here you can find

  • player's UI and behaviour settings (buttons, volume icons, etc.)
  • global settings which are applied to all existing players regardless of the chosen template 
How to set up player's templates
Content StylesHelps to create customised style of the created contentHere you can find visual elements of the content settings (fonts, colours, animation style etc.)How to customise template's style