Viqeo allows not only manual uploading but also adding recommendations under the page. This block helps users to find similar content by clicking 'Watch more'. There’s also an option of playing your own video files

To create a new player press 'Create player' and select a type of player:

Player and Widget types

Player typeBrief DescriptionDetails & Use cases
  • Play any external videos such as mp4, webm or even Youtube URLs
  • Place video player to your website to play external videos.
  • You can automatically encode all your videos by using 'Viqeo cache' option (upon request)
  • Supports AMP pages (via AMP tag)
  • Video player which automatically recommends videos or stories to visitors of your website
  • Use this type of player if you want to show a few videos in one place automatically (for example under the article)
  • Videos can be uploaded to your account or created in editor. No URLs needed in player
  • Supports AMP pages (via AMP tag)
Story Widget
  • Add Instagram-like stories to your website
  • Add stories the same way as you ad videos
  • Viqeo player perfectly shows stories in a fullscreen mode
  • Organize stories with folders
  • Create new stories via API
Sticky Player
  • Video Player Widget is shown over a website
  • Add always-on-top video player
    • Customize player position and widget styling
  • Video Player converts articles to brief video stories with the most interesting information and shows them as videos
  • No videos needed
  • Videos created from article where placed the Player itself
  • While videos are being created Player is invisible