Stories Widget

With Viqeo you can add Instagram-like Stories widget to your website. Stories widget will store all your Stories in one place to help increase audience reach and engagement. Widgets are shown both on mobile and desktop devices.

How to add a widget

You can find Players & Widgets settings under the Settings in your Sidebar menu.

1) To create a widget press Create player and choose Story widget.

2) Widget settings allow you to

  • Player name – set a name for your widget
  • Show logo – show or hide company logo in each story once they're opened in fullscreen
  • Form – select a shape of your widget (see Tip below)
  • Show story names – show or hide Story name set in Feed. If shown Story name will appear under the widget
  • Lock on top of the screen  – lock widget on top or stick it to another element using it’s css-selector. If you have problems finding one - you can ask for help using live support chat
  • Template – choose preferred player settings. You can find out more about presets here
  • Subtitles – choose subtitles preset
  • Recommendations – choose recommendations that will be shown to users: Stories published earlier will be shown automatically or you can create custom folders with videos selected manually. Find out more about recommendations here

You can choose a traditional circle widget form or Facebook-like 9:16 rectangle.

To add widget to your website

1) Go to widget settings, press Get code and copy it

2) Paste the code at the place on your website where you want the widget to be shown