Presets are sets of the player settings. They include customization options of colors, buttons, behavior, proportions, playback and more. Editors & authors may use all created presets in every uploaded video.

Viqeo has 3 pre-installed presets but you can create as many as you need. To add a new preset press 'Create preset' button. Default preset is applied to all newly uploaded videos. You can set any preset as 'Default preset'. To setup press 'Settings' button under the needed preset name.

Preset Settings

Player Style

The set of options of the player interface. You can turn on/off buttons and progress bar.

Progress bar — Show/Hide progress bar. No forward/rewind is available if hidden.

Sound button — Show/Hide  Sound volume icon and controls

Quality button — Show/Hide Button with selection of video streams

Play button — Show/Hide Play/Pause button

Fullscreen button — Show/Hide fullscreen mode button

Subtitles button  – Show/Hide subtitles

Share button — Show/Hide Share video options

Video download available — Show/Hide Right menu option for video download by viewer.

Note, that ‘Video download available’ option is always on for the content owner. Use incognito mode to check if it’s off for other users.

Color — the main color of the player. It affects progress bar, volume and some others elements colors.

Copyright sign — The way copyright is shown or hidden. Copyright can be shown in the top left corner of the video only if the video was downloaded by URL. You can select options to show an author's name or just 'Watch an original' sign.

Important information

After preset is changed it will be applied to new videos only. This is a protection against messing up old settings. To apply new preset settings to already existed video you have to

1) open video settings

2) select preset in 'Player' section

3) publish new settings.

Playback Style

Player dimensions — Proportions and size of a player. Basically, a player is flexible and takes the proportions of the video being played. For the width, the player always gets the full width of the article if not placed in a controlled div element.

  • Smart Fit dimension shows vertical videos in their original size on Mobile devices and limits them by square area on Desktop, so they don't take too much space on the screen. Horizontal videos are shown as they are both on Mobiles & Desktop.
  • As video option makes the player to repeat video played video proportions.
  • 16/9, 4/3, Square fix player proportions as selected.
  • Fill page element — player fits the div-element it is placed in

Sound starts — How sound is started. Basically, all autoplayed videos are started muted. We don't recommend to autoplay videos with sound as they can be blocked by some browsers and it is annoying users. For the videos started manually you can choose should they be with or without sound.

Video starts — How videos are started.

  • Autoplay for all visible videos – all videos visible on the screen start automatically 
  • Autoplay for one visible videos – one video visible on the screen starts automatically 
  • Click to play – video starts by a click
  • Mouse over – video starts on a mouse hover
  • Page loaded – video starts after page is loaded

100% Visible — Videos are started automatically

After video ends — What to do after the video is finished.

  • Replay button  – replay button appears.
  • Loop — video plays from the beginning. So looped videos never stop. This is the most popular option for short videos.
  • Stop at last frame — video stops when the last frame is reached. No fade-offs, no elements. The best way to show 'Animated images' When you want to animate something which becomes an image at the end.
  • Play next recommended video  – next video from Recommended folder plays automatically.

Player language – By default player uses User language. For a new preset you can choose Russian, English, Spanish or French.