You can personalize direct links to your content by updating CNAME records in the domain zone.

A CNAME (Canonical name) record, is basically an alias or nickname for another domain. It is often used instead of an A record to point different hostnames to the same location. The difference between the record types is that an A record always points to an IP address, while a CNAME always points to another name.

Before you begin

To add, modify, or remove domains, you must hold a Semi-Pro, Pro, Pro+, Enterprise or DIgital Media plan.

Add a domain

Follow these steps to connect your domain

  1. In your Personal account go to the 'Settings > Project Settings' page.
  2. Select 'Connect domain'.
  3. Enter the domain you want to connect, then click 'Add' to initiate the domain linking. In case of domain connection failure, please contact support team.
  4. Once your CNAME record is confirmed, the domain configuration will start automatically.
  5. To replace current domain with a new one, press 'Replace'.
  6. To unlink your domain from Viqeo account, press 'Delete'.