Zapier lets you easily connect Viqeo and the apps you use everyday.

Zapier is a popular way to boost efficiency by automating tasks through customized workflows when using different web apps.


If you want to get a notification about a new lead on Facebook to your Gmail inbox you can simply build a necessary app connection in your Zapier account.

Viqeo on its own does a lot of automation, but as we get more advanced with a product and introduce more features, the workflows do get more complex. 

That is why we introduce a few Viqeo-Zapier integrations, so you can focus on your most important work and leave the rest to us.


The process is easy, all you need is:

  • Zapier
  • Viqeo account

1) To connect your Viqeo account to Zapier, you’ll need to find Viqeo in the list of Zapier triggers.

2) To start integrations, you need to sign in via API.

3) After confirming authorisation request, you can start tracking event via Zapier.


Here are the trigger events available for Zapier integrations:

  • New video or story upload
  • New video start
  • Video watched for 15 sec or longer
  • Completed view
  • Poll answer