Recommendations play can show different video content to recommend your visitors something new every time they scroll to it. 

Basic options for recommendation source:

  • All videos
  • Folder (added manually in the platform)
  • Your own channel (Instagram or Youtube)
  • Licensed channel
  • Video Stories (Created in Viqeo Stories Studio)

Main features

  • Played muted automatically to engage visitors (or by clicking play)
  • Can automatically add content (if All videos, Channel or Licensed channel (i.e. by Ruptly Stories) is specified)
  • Firstly recommend only unseen and new content to every user personally
  • Can play looped videos or load every new recommended video after video is watched
  • Can be setup with any presets
  • Ads are shown on 0-20 seconds of watching — so it add extra time spend on page before showing ads
  • Can be forced to views by Sticky mode on
  • Can be shown only if ads are available (ad request before content)

How to Create Recommendations Player

To create a player go to 'Settings > Players' menu section and press 'Create new' in the top of the page.

Then you need to choose a source for recommendations:


This option lets player to decide what video to show automatically. Usually only vides close to 50 seconds and more are recommended.


To setup any folder just choose 'Folder' in options. In this case you have to select folder with videos to be recommended to visitors. Firstly unseen and fresh videos will be shown


If you have your own Instagram or Youtube channel with videos — You can recommend them to visitors and force original views by placing 'Watch on Youtube' button in top left corner. 

Watch on Youtube

To make 'Watch on Youtube' button appear instead of copyright text, please go to 'Settings > Presets' and select in preset you want to use or already using in Recommendations Player in 'Copyright' section option 'Watch source button' instead of others.

Automatic uploads

If you use 'Channel' source all videos are downloaded automatically! When you upload new videos on Youtube or Instagram, every 4 hours they downloaded and transcoded into Viqeo platform. After that they are being added to recommendations, so your visitors will see new videos all the time without manual uploads.

Recommendations in AMP

To setup recommendations player in AMP pages please check 'External / Recommendations' section in AMP article.

Display only if ads are available

You can setup to show video recommendations player only if ads are available for the session. In this case player request ads before content is loaded and if there was any advertisement for the user player would appear. If not — nothing would happen.