Description has REST API and accepts JSON requests and send JSON responses. 

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API Requests & Responses

Each request to the server must contain user authorisation information and the correct Content-Type header (with the value "application/json").

API uses the following query methods: GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE.

Detailed info about API Requests & Responses


Calls of all public API methods are subject to the following restrictions:

Maximum number of API requests:  500 requests / minute

The current number of requests per minute is presented in the HTTP headers “X-Rate-Limit-Limit” and “X-Rate-Limit-Remaining” in the response.


API content


How authorization works


Full list of available API Methods

Result Codes

В зависимости от результата выполнения запроса ответ будет создан со одним из следующих статусов (HTTP Status Code):

  • 200 – Request is correct
  • 201 Created – New property creation successful
  • 401 – Authorisation error or Request is not authorised
  • 403 – Access to restricted property
  • 422 – Internal function check error
  • 500 – Internal Service Error