Viqeo is supported by Google and has its own AMP-tag <amp-viqeo-player>

AMP Project Documentation:

To implement Viqeo on AMP pages you just have to change the embed code to <amp-viqeo-player> tag with the correspondent parameters.
To create an AMP export the code which you have in your account:

Classic Viqeo code pasted by editors

<script async src="//"></script><style type="text/css">
                    @media (orientation: landscape) {
                        .viqeo-vertical.viqeo-embed--7f2b039d7c073043d927 {
                            padding-bottom: 75%;
                    @media (orientation: portrait) {
                        .viqeo-vertical.viqeo-embed--7f2b039d7c073043d927 {
                            padding-bottom: 179%;
      <div style="width:100%;height:0;position:relative;" class="viqeo-embed viqeo-vertical viqeo-embed--7f2b039d7c073043d927" data-vnd="yyyyyyyzzzzzzz" data-profile="XX" data-aspectRatio="0.5625">
        <iframe src="//" width="100%" height="100%" style="position:absolute;" frameBorder="0" allowFullScreen></iframe>

Should be replaced by AMP-tag:



data-profileid="XX" is taken from original code: data-profile="XX"

data-videoid="yyyyyyyzzzzzzz" (original code: vid=yyyyyyyzzzzzzz )

width = (any width you want, i.e. 640)

height = should be taken from height video aspect ratio (data-aspectRatio)

layout="responsive" (highly recommended to keep it as "responsive")

autoplay — attribute to play videos automatically.

External / Recommendation players in AMP:

If you add an external or recommendations player to an AMP-page, there is no direct video reference so just use your playerId as a value for data-videoid parameter.

playerId can be found in a player code snippet (settings→players and widgets→'get code' button for desirable player)


Autoplay option

We strongly recommend to add autoplay. This option forces video to start muted when visible, it's much better for views and engagement.

Do not forget to add AMP-script:

Do not forget

To make everything work properly add a script to your AMP-page:


To replace Viqeo standard code by AMP-tag you can use the following plugins:

Important info

If <amp-viqeo-player> tag is not presented in allowed tags you can add it manually in settings file: amp/includes/sanitizers/class-amp-allowed-tags-generated.php

Examples:, autoplayed videos, manually played videos: