To activate video ads just press 'Activate video ads' in Settings > Ads section:

Ads setup: start & re-activation

After enabling video ads you can set the time of the first video appearance. Basically, Viqeo shows Mid-Rolls (we call them "Pre-Rolls") between 5 and 15 seconds after the video starts if the video is started by Autoplay. If the video is started by Play pressed, Viqeo shows traditional Pre-Rolls.

Why we do this?

Showing traditional Pre-Rolls in autoplayed video before the actual content confuses viewers, so they do not understand when the actual content starts. They might think this is just an out-stream ad and scroll up the player, which results in ads view depth decreasing.

For increasing video ads inventory by showing pre-rolls before video, we recommend using Fly (sticky) player to get as much video ads inventory as possible and to keep ads view depth rate high.

If you still want to use pre-rolls in Autoplay mode, please write us a message to and we will activate pre-rolls manually.

To  setup time of the first and next appearances of mid-rolls please use ads interface:

Pre-Rolls vs Mid-Rolls

With autoplay videos Viqeo mostly shows Mid-Rolls (but we request Pre-Rolls tags from exchanges) and below we explain why:

Pre-Rolls (autoplayed videos)

Mid-Rolls (Pseudo Pre-Rolls)

Pre-Rolls with Fly (Sticky) mode


  • Maximum ads inventory
  • Content is shown first
  • Can be pre-loaded during content watching
  • Increase time on page (less people scroll up such videos)
  • Good ads view depth
  • Good viewability 
  • Maximum ads inventory
  • Good ads view depth
  • Good viewability


  • Content is not recognised after pre-roll
  • low ads view-depth
  • Poor viewability
  • 30-60% loses of inventory compared to pre-rolls, but 100-200% more starts compared to pre-rolls with manual start
  • Quite aggressive for some users

Setup VAST-tags waterfalls

Viqeo allows you to setup as many VAST-tags as you need. They will be requested during content watching, so ads preload will be done in the background and ad break goes without any spinners. Ad is shown when it's ready to be shown.

Managing Ad Campaigns 

Ads statistics

To see basic stats (Video ads delivered and Average money earned) you can see 'Statistics' section with 'Advertisement' tab. To see detailed stats you need to visit Viqeo Ads Manager. You can sign in to manager by pressing 'Visit Viqeo Ads Manager' in Settings > Ads section of the platform

Turn Off Ads on Videos

How to turn off ads on specified videos

Viqeo Ads Manager

Introduction to Viqeo Ads Manager


Serving your own campaigns